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This square is located at the end of Carrer Escudellers, in the middle of the Mercé neighborhood of Barcelona.

Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid. Built in 1926. Between Alcalá and Gran Vía's streets, Monumento Histórico Artístico Nacional (National Historical-Artistic Monument) since 1981.

Alfacar, Spain. Entrance to Federico García Lorca's memorial park. Inaugurated in 1986.

Badajoz is situated in one of the less industrially developed areas of Spain, Extremadura.

Monument at Paracuellos del Jarama's local cemetery. The cemetery was built above mass graves. Several thousand political prisoners were summarily executed there.

After the battle of Ebro, Corbera d'Ebre was left destroyed and left unrepaired. In recent years, Catalonia regional government decided to declare the old town of "cultural interest," and to use it as interpretation center of the Battle of Ebro.

"La Lleva del 'Biberó' - 1941. A tots els que varen combatre a la batalla de l'Ebre." (The bottle's draft - 1941. To all who were fighting in the battle of Ebro). Monument remembering casualties during the Battle of Ebro.

Built in 1715, it has had different uses until 1938. Since then, the building has housed documents from the Spanish Civil War, becoming part of the Archivo Histórico Nacional (Spanish National Archives) in 1979, suffering several…

Inaugurated May 10, 2008. Two civic associations proposed the regional government of Navarra to build a memorial to remember those Navarros killed by the rebels during the Spanish Civil War and later by the Francoist regime. Various sculptures…

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